[Driver-Parallel Lines](Commercial-1978 Era)Bus


Driver: Parallel Lines

Description Edit

The Bus is a passanger transport vehicle featured in Driver: Parallel Lines & Driver 76.


The Bus is based of a GM TDH 5303 New Look Bus, with a different livery to a typical New York Bus.

Its design is large, and long, and features a large front window. The livery can be changed in Rays Autos, with one livery based off a London City Design, with the destination title on the front reading 'London'

Performance Edit

The bus has a good handling line, being one of the fastest and strongest Large vehicles in game.

Top Speed: 130MPH

Handling: Good steering and brakes, not so good a quick corners, though.

Durability: Very strong, being capable of surviving up to 3 shots from the Negotiator.

Locations Edit

  • Commonly spawns in Manhattan in both eras.

Trivia Edit