Jumping with cops

Jack records a car jumping with 2 cops

Information Edit

Type: Stunt

Main Objective: Film Stunts for the TV show

Vehicle: GMC Savana

Plot Edit

A woman, worked in KEOC News needs a show named "World's Craziest Drivers." She said the man that an action is one thing need to make the show really featured! Tanner shifts any vehicle that fits every stunt to make people closer to entertainment.

Story Edit

Conversations Edit

Man (Jack): Hey, what about the old lady with a flat tire? Gold.

Woman: Jack. The show's called 'World's Craziest Drivers'. "We put the 'car' in 'carnage'!" Have you ever watched the show?

Jack: I read books... drink fine wines...

Woman: You keep bringing me Grandma with a flat, you're going to be reading want ads. Now go get me something with some action!

Objectives Edit

  1. Get to the filming location

2. Shift into any vehicle L SHIFT

3. Stunts: (Film each stunt in the blue zone)

  • Drive over 100mph
  • Drift 20m
  • Have a head-on crash

4. Shift back into the news van L SHIFT

5. Get to the filming location

6. Shift into a civilian vehicle L SHIFT

7. Stunt:

  • Tag at least 2 cops

8. Lead cops to the alleyway

9. Jump into the blue zone

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