Bishop is a character featured in Driver: Parallel Lines. He was first seen in a cinematic cutscene after the mission "Last Chance", and killed in 2006 in a duel where he drove an APC.

Appearances between erasEdit

He was first seen in the post-mission cinematic cutscene of "Last Chance", where he paid a visit to TK's new safehouse, much to TK's surprise because of two things: his sudden visit and his connection to Slink. In the cinematic, he told TK that someone named Corrigan sent him because Corrigan need a driver to bust Candy, a criminal mastermind, out of the prison for something. When TK asked who is Corrigan, Bishop didn't give any details.

In the intro cutscene for the 2006 era (which follows the post-mission cinematic for "Ransom"), it is explained that Bishop is now a wealthy heroin dealer. Later on, TK pays a visit to Bishop's mansion, in response to a phone call from Bishop, during which he told TK to finish their feud face to face, only to be engaged in an unbalanced duel where Bishop appeared in a tank (or more accurately, an APC armed with a cannon). Fortunately, TK managed to kill him.

Appearances in missionsEdit

  • Last Chance (first seen, post-mission cinematic)
  • Paddy Wagon (Boss)
  • Turning the Screw (Boss)
  • Jail Break (Boss)
  • Gate Crasher (Post-mission cinematic)
  • Bishop (Killed)
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