Bad Hand is a character who appears in Driv3r. He is voiced by Demetri Goritsas.


Bad Hand is a member of South Beach, a crime ring based in Miami. His name derives from the fact that one of his hands is in a bandage.


Bad Hand first appears during the cutscene at the end of the mission Rooftops in which he shoots dead a man who had been taken hostage by South Beach. Later, John Tanner drives Calita, Lomaz and Bad Hand to safety following a police raid in a parking garage.


After moving the gang's operations to Nice, Calita is attacked by members of Fabienne's gang while waiting for Tanner to meet up with her. Tanner rescues Calita and escorts her to a van driven by Bad Hand, who manages to drive them to safety. In the next mission, Bad Hand tasks Tanner with collecting three cars that South Beach want and taking them to a truck driven by Bad Hand before he reaches a compound.

Later, Bad Hand and Lomaz attack Tanner and force him to prove he is not a cop by shooting captured agent Didier Dubois. Tanner complies, but the gun is not loaded - Bad Hand had secretly put an empty clip in it.

In the mission "Booby Trap", Fabienne has planted a bomb in Tanner and Lomaz's car. Using a pickup truck, Bad Hand rescues Lomaz before Tanner gets rid of the rigged car.


Bad Hand's final appearance is in the mission "Bomb Truck", which takes place in Istanbul. He disguises himself as Charles Jericho and acts as a decoy to allow Jericho to escape after meeting the Bagman. Tanner and Tobias Jones, who had been watching the meeting, chase and stop the truck that Bad Hand is driving, with Tanner and Jones thinking Jericho is the driver. Bad Hand is fatally injured.


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