Baccus is a character who appears in Driv3r. He is voiced by singer-songwriter Iggy Pop.

Baccus is the driver for South Beach, a crime ring based in Miami. When the events in Driv3r begin, he has betrayed South Beach by cutting a deal with a gang led by Tico and stealing South Beach's V8 for Tico's gang. The Miami police receive a tip-off about Baccus' location: an apartment in Little Havana. As the police arrive and surround the apartment (which is being guarded by gang members), Baccus takes a woman hostage and kills her soon after. He then leaves the building and attempts to escape in a car. John Tanner gives chase, pursuing him through Downtown Miami. The chase eventually ends when Baccus crashes his car. He runs down an alleyway, but is cornered and shot by Tanner. Baccus reveals the location of South Beach's V8 and their hideout. He then reaches into his jacket pocket to get the V8's keys, but Tanner shoots him dead, thinking he is reaching for a gun. Tobias Jones scolds Tanner for killing Baccus, saying the FBI were keen to interrogate him.

Gallery Edit

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