Driver: Parallel Lines

Vehicle Style

Sports Car


2 (1 driver and 1 passenger)

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Design Edit

The BX-9 is a sports car in Driver Parallel lines, and is based on a Aston Martin DB9, and an Alfo Romeo shape front. It features xenon headlights, which are in sets of 3 in the headlamps. The front has skirts and slip points, for its aerodynamics. The car also appears in Driver 76, albeit with a completely different design, based on a Pontiac Firebird instead, which is unlocked upon beating the game.

Performance Edit

The Bx9 is powered by a V12 engine (same engine type from the real-life Aston Martin DB9).It is connected to a 6 speed gearbox with a FR drivetrain. It takes 8.8 seconds to reach 60 mph but top speed is an unmistakable 104 mph. Its handling is good and balanced and its braking is acceptable.

Location Edit

Can be found in Jersey and Coney Island Stick Up side jobs as a getaway car, also as a delivery car in the Astoria Perfect Delivery side job.

Gallery Edit

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