Antilli VO3
Antilli VO3


Driver: Parallel Lines

Vehicle Style

Sports Bike


2 (1 driver and 1 passenger)

Related Vehicles

Antilli VO3 Special

The Antilli VO3 is a motorcycle in Driver: Parallel Lines in the 2006 era.


The Antilli is evidently a Ducatti RR 916. It is the fastest motorcycle in the game (can outrun a VO3 Special with all upgrades). It features a slanted back, and very sharp mirrors, its windshield is an average size.==Performance== As mention above, it is the fastest motorcycle in game, easily beating a Antilli VO3 special with all upgrades. Fitted with a 916CC V Twin Engine. (2 Cylinder).


Antilli VO3 Special: a faster version rewarded to the player after completion of the game or during "Riding Shotgun".

Locations Edit

  • An easy way to get one is in the beginning of 2006 era. In the 1st mission 'The Mexican', after following the train and getting to the park, kill the guards on your way until you see one behind a Antilli VO3. You can pick it up and get to Ray's Auto Shop and store it, however doing this will cause the mission to fail, because you got too far from the mexican.

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