Ali is a character who appears in Driver: You Are the Wheelman. She is an English woman and John Tanner's lady friend who lives in New York. Ali works for Don Hancock, one of Castaldi's associates. She appears to be a kleptomaniac, which causes trouble for both herself and Tanner.

In the mission "The Ali Situation", Ali breaks into Hancock's office and robs his safe, but is discovered by a guard. Tanner manages to rescue her and takes her back to his motel, where she gives him a letter that she found in the safe.

At the end of the game, Castaldi and all of his associates - including Hancock - are arrested. Ali tells Tanner that she is now unemployed due to Hancock's arrest. She then gives Tanner an envelope containing money, which she also found in Hancock's safe. Ali and an impressed Tanner drive off together in a jeep.

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