The ASYM Desanne is an unlicensed vehicle in Driver San Fransisco manufactured by the fictional car brand, ASYM. It is only spotted during missions and as it is unlicensed, is able to explode. The Desanne has three variants, however only two are seen during gameplay.

Vehicle Notes
Desanne X/T Pursuit Spotted in the game. Can't be driven in the game and can't shift into them
Desanne 3.0T Spotted in the game. Can't be driven in the game and can't shift into them
Desanne LX Unused, found in game file

The ASYM Desanne cannot be driven in the game. The player cannot purchase any variant from the car dealer and cannot shift into the Desanne when seen in-game. While the car is unplayable, it still has fully developed handling, damage and an interior and is playable via modification in the PC version of the game.

While police and civilian variants are seen during certain scripted moments during the game, the fully developed taxi variant was cut and exists only in game files.


  • Although the car can't be driven officially, there is a mod here which unlocks all Desanne variants and the police variant of the Dodge Monaco.
  • The Desanne appeared in The Crew as a traffic vehicle before the Wild Run expansion, however the taxi variant appears in some cutscenes.
  • The Desanne draws much inspiration from the 2009 Lincoln MKZ.
  • A wagon variant can be seen during the original CGI E3 trailer, however it was never developed into a playable version and does not exist in any form in the game.
  • The Global Motors Vessel in the Watch Dogs series appears to be based off the Desanne.

Gallery Edit

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