"Sledgehammer" Bobby
Car Driven Stormlight Roadster
Residence Brooklyn, New York, USA
Appearances Driver: Renegade 3D

"Sledgehammer" Bobby is a minor character from the game Driver: Renegade 3D. He is an ex-snitch for the police and works in an auto shop.


Bobby is a mechanic who owns and runs Bobby's Auto Repair in Brooklyn due to his love of cars. It is said that he cares about cars even more than people.

Bobby is also an ex-snitch for the NYPD. He used to give the police information on the gangs in the city. Bobby quit this job, however due to the increasing power of the mobs in New York.

Ballard's KidnappingEdit

Bobby played a small role in the kidnapping of Senator Andrew Ballard. He had fixed up Knife V8 cars for Jonah Ramsey's henchmen. The same cars were used in an attempt to kill Ballard when John Tanner drove him home. Tanner had known that these cars were rare and that Bobby knew where to get them from.

Tanner later on paid a visit to Bobby's auto-shop. He asked for information regarding Ballard's kidnapping but was denied as he wasn't a snitch anymore. Tanner then forced Bobby into his new, mint-condition Stormlight Roadster and caused massive damage to the car in order to get information.

Afterwards, Bobby gave in to Tanner and revealed to him that Ramsey was behind the kidnapping.

Car DrivenEdit


Stormlight Roadster before it was destroyed

Bobby collects many different cars. The one he is known to have driven was his fictional, mint-condition Stormlight Roadster. That is, until Tanner wrecked it.

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